If you’re feeling more adventurous you could always try out stand up paddleboarding! Paddleboarding is a unique way to explore the pristine crystal waters of Madeira whilst also having a bit of fun. We even have specialist instructors who will help you get to grips with your paddleboard (whether it’s your first time or not)! Paddle boarding is an all-body workout. Almost every muscle in your body is used when paddle boarding. Your core, back and leg muscles are constantly maintaining balance, while your arms, back and shoulders are engaged when propelling your paddle board through the water. When you’re feeling stressed, hop on a paddle board and put all your worries to rest. Water works as an all-natural healing remedy for the body, and guess what – so does exercise. Now include the tranquil sounds of your board gliding across glassy waters, the rhythm of your stroke & breath, and your day-to-day stresses will slowly melt away.